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Asian American Tourist, Inc.

~ A company profile ~

1. A Brief History:

The company was founded in 1990 with an aim to become a full service travel agency and a motor-coach tour operator. In our 15 years, w e have successfully grown to be one of the premier motor-coach tour operators, servicing the tri-state area. We stand proud of our luxurious yet affordable and extensive tour itineraries covering the entire USA and Canada . We pride ourselves for reliability, high professionalism, good record of customer satisfaction, immaculately trained tour escorts and superior quality of hotels and motor-coaches used. We provide a wide range of services and products to cater for the needs of a much diversified market, both locally and internationally.

We strongly believe in constant improvements and exploration of new horizons. E very year we continue to grow and expand to provide new products and services for our customer s . To keep abreast of new developments in the travel industry, we choose to be affiliated with the following highly recognized associations.

  • National Tour Association (NTA) member since 1992
  • American Bus Association ( ABA ) member since 1994
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) member since 1994
  • American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) member since 1996
  • Travel Industry Association (TIA) member since 1996

2. Types Of Services:

I Scheduled motor-coach tours

We offer itineraries of different duration and days of departures of the week to facilitate ease in planning for holidays for our customers. Our destinations are many, and they include nationwide and all parts of Canada . All tours are conducted by a highly trained bi-lingual professional escort.

II Chartered motor-coach tours

We also help plan and customize itineraries for various special groups and organizations depending on their needs and fancy. We advise of costs, feasibility and things to do along the way so that these special clients can stretch their value of dollar. We even arrange for technical and education visits whenever required.

III Chartered motor-coach service

We have a variety of modern full-size and mini motor-coaches ranging from 14 to 62 seats for different needs. Our equipments are of the latest European and American models and fully loaded with VCR/DVD/TV and hi-fi stereo. Every motor equipment also comes with at least 5 million liability insurance and licenses from both the casino here and in Canada . Our prices are extremely affordable and we also offer special pricing for long haul multiple day charters. We also do airport transfers.

IV Air, land and sea packages

Being a member of Airline Report Corporation ( ARC) , we offer direct discounts for individual and group air travel from all major airlines, both domestically and internationally. We are also licensed agents for all major cruise lines and railroad companies. Packages to worldwide, nationwide and Canadian destinations are also available. We make travel and vacation planning easy at our one stop shop.

V Hotel reservation and visa application

Whatever your budget is, wherever you want to go, our specially trained staff will be able to help you find, select and reserve the best money hotel accommodation available. We also have professionals to assist and advise on all kinds of visa requirements whenever you want to travel. Better yet, we run the errand for you so you do not have to worry about queuing in line for your visas.

VI Entertainment events promotion and marketing :

We are well connected to established networks and can assist in any entertainment event promotion and marketing. Concerts, shows, sports events and even educational events, just name it and we will help you find the best seating available.

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